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What You'll Love About...

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It's Methodical

Evaluating all aspects of flight; the pilot, the aircraft, the weather, and the airport you assess risk the same way every flight.

It's Quick

Everything is completed on your device, without internet required, providing blazing fast performance

It's Simple

Simple questions and only the features you need keep the complexity down and the focus on safety

Discover simpleFRAT

Following proper Aviation Decision Making (ADM) protocols require a systematic approach to making informed flight decisions. Simple FRAT provides a helpful framework to build a comprehensive ADM process for your flight operations; weekend flyer or corporate jet pilot, Simple FRAT contains the tools you need to create a custom-tailored Flight Risk Assessment questionnaire for your operation.

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Right At Your Fingertips


Select an Assessment

VFR, IFR, or Custom

For those new to creating Flight Risk Assessments simpleFRAT takes the guesswork out of creating an assessment and comes preconfigured with basic IFR & VFR assessments based on published research and accident data.

For more advanced users, you can create a completely custom assessment tailored to your operation/aircraft/skill-level.

Determine Flight Risk Level

Visual Indicators For Quick Analysis

Quick data entry without the need for an internet connection allows quick input of flight parameters and creation of a flight risk score and associated low/medium/high risk level. This allows you to evaluate risk on the ground before flight, or in the air as conditions change.


Configure Your FRAT

Set Your Own Thresholds.

Not all pilots, or aircraft, are the same. Our baseline IFR and VFR assessments support adjustments of the following key parameters to accomodate for difference in pilot experience or aircraft capability.

  • Maximum Total Wind Component
  • Maximum Cross Wind Component
  • Minimum Hours In Type
  • Minimum Hours Last 90 Days

Customize Your FRAT

Build Your Own Assessment.

For those looking for more, you can also create an entirely custom risk assessment using the tools within SimpleFRAT.

Custom assessments support multiple question types including

  • Yes/No
  • Numeric Input
  • List Selection
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Light & Dark Modes

We know the importance of preserving night-vision and fully support dark-mode on both Android and iOS as many pilots prefer to avoid the bright themes during night flight operations.

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    Download and install

    SimpleFRAT is available on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

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    Assess your risk

    Before you take off, use this simple tool to assess your flight risk.

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    Share with others

    Not only can you share your assessments with others, but you can also share this app so they can benefit too!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can SimpleFRAT be used in-flight?

Risk assessments can be completed at any time, without an internet connection, allowing you to revalidate risk mid-fight should the situation arise.

Is any personal information stored?

All information for SimpleFRAT is stored on your device and never shared with anyone. You may elect to share an individual completed assessment directly from your device.

How were the "Simple" assessments created?

Our Simple VFR and Simple IFR assessments are based on public domain example assessments, created from an analysis of aircraft incidents.

I would like _______ new feature?

We welcome feedback and requests that might help make your aircraft operations more safe. Please submit any feature requests to us directly at

Download Anywhere

Available for iOS and Android devices.

*Works on iOS 9.0+, Android 10+.